I saw my second Madison East Purgolder game this one against Jainesville-Craig (the same team I saw lose to La Follette).  It was Homecoming so the crowd was bigger, they had a band (alumni), and a bigger cheerleading squad.

They also had a smaller squad.  I’m not sure why, it might have been injuries, although there was no one in civies and a jersey on the sideline.  Perhaps players walked away from the frustration of a one win team.  For example the stating NT from the last game, Steven Williams (35), was not listed on the roster.

There were some players I remembered from the previous game.  Their best tackler Austin Knorr (80) now only plays receiver – he did get under a deep arching pass for a great TD catch in the first half.  Speedy Amara (22) is now splitting time with Tyrone Galvin (21), who was pretty effective carrying the ball.  There was also another new wrinkle with Gabe Surges (11) coming in as a running QB.  Overall the offense was much more effective, the line blocked better and they moved the ball quite well, but kept killing themselves with turnovers.  Meanwhile the Purgolder defense, missing several key starters, had seriously declined so the Craig Cougars were able to the move ball just as effectively, but without the turnovers – thus giving them the “W.”